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08-19-2008, 01:09 PM
I posted this at the end of the drill now poll thread, but wanted to be sure that everyone saw it, so decided to post it separately here, too.

This message is from the president of Grassfire.

I just received an incredible news release from Congressman
Mike Pence (R-IN) regarding the ongoing protest on the House
floor that I had to share with you.

Rep. Pence today commented on Nancy Pelosi's announcement that
she was willing to allow a vote on comprehensive energy
legislation to bring more domestic oil to the American people.

"When the floor protest began over two weeks ago,
Speaker Pelosi said Republicans would have to use our 'imagination'
to get a vote on more domestic drilling. By last week she apparently
had changed her position, telling a national television audience
for the first time that Congress 'can have a vote' on more
domestic drilling.

"On Saturday in a national radio address, Speaker Pelosi went on
to say that the Democrats 'plan' will consider opening portions
of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling...'"

Pelosi's change in attitude is because of you!

Without the incessant, building pressure from grassroots Americans,
Pelosi would be relaxing amidst her book tour with nary a care
in the world.

But thanks to so many Grassfire team members, House Democrats
are getting "blitzed" by tens of thousands of phone calls,
faxes and emails demanding action.

Now that she�s publicly announced her willingness
to allow a vote, I need your help more than ever.

++ Action Item --"Bring Back Congress for a Vote!"

I'm asking EVERY member of our team to call Speaker
Pelosi each and every day this week, and demand she
bring back Congress for a vote on the drilling ban.

Speaker Pelosi's contact information:

202-225-4965 (DC),
415-556-4862 (San Francisco)

As Congressman Pence said, "the American people should
hold [Pelosi] to this commitment and demand that Congress
immediately return to Washington, D.C. and vote."

He adds, "And when Congress votes, there must be a full and
fair debate that allows the Republican minority the opportunity
to debate and vote on the American Energy Act, an 'all of the above'
approach to energy legislation that encompasses more drilling,
more use of clean energy sources and more conservation."

And if you haven't voted in our CU poll asking your opinion on drilling, please do. I'm going to forward the link shortly to Newt at American Solutions.

08-19-2008, 01:16 PM
The damn dems are going to try to load that bill so that the drill now part will be a side bar!

From Boortz:

In Nancy Pelosi's weekend radio address, she says that the Democrats have shifted their position on offshore drilling. She now claims to support opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling ... but with the "appropriate safeguards" and without tax payer subsidies for "Big Oil." More specifically, she wants to repeal royalty relief for offshore drillers, end tax credits for the biggest oil companies (which essentially means raising taxes), and end the use it or lose it legislation.