View Full Version : "BIG ED" sites organizers estimates..... oh then you have to beleive the organizers

10-05-2010, 12:49 PM

This stuff is just too funny. So Ed Shultz sites the Washington Times which sites the organizers of the one nation rally as saying the crowd was estimated at 187,000

fuck it why not just say there were 200,000,000 there if you gonna site such a reliable source of the organiers.

Also the jerk the libs call "BIG ED" proudly states 400 organizations but does not say all 400 were far-left wing radical groups... way to go ed ..."truth in reporting"

Lastly Big Ed is so angry that people criticized his speech which he defends by saying it was off the top of his head... oh my god have you ever looked at your side and looked at all the small little shit they say about conservatives....

This whole video was just too much for me