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VioletLake (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-07-10 07:06 PM
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My "Obamacare" Story

After going over my medical history and explaining to my new doctor why I haven't had health insurance for the last 10 years, I told her that after the health care bill passed, Costco started offering low cost health insurance without preexisting condition restrictions.

To that, she replied, "At least one good thing came from Obama."

I laughed and we moved on.

What would you have done?

I looked it up and Costco was offering low cost health insurance without pre-existing conditions when Bush was in office. From 2007:

Greenwood said he wouldn't still be in business today except for the help he got from Costco Wholesale Co., one of the nation's biggest discount retailers. As an executive member of the warehouse store, he got his insurance through a Costco program that sets one rate for everybody and promises to turn down nobody in Washington state.


August 24, 2005

Costco, the members-only discount retailer, is testing sales of individual health insurance policies. The pilot program launched last month in California. It targets mom-and-pop business owners, and those without a job or without job-provided health insurance.


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VioletLake (1000+ posts) Thu Oct-07-10 08:37 PM
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18. I should also mention, for LGBT props,

that I had gender reassignment surgery once upon a time, and Costco/Aetna knew about it prior to accepting my application.

Addadicktome or Choppadickoffame?

Is anyone who posts at the DUmp normal? Anyone?

I mean except for my collection of moles:D

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LOL!!! I was just going to bring that one over... :D