View Full Version : Banging Head Against Wall: They JUST DO NOT GET IT

10-08-2010, 05:27 PM

From posting on DU:

"Someone needs to start going after these corporations for their lack of PATRIOTISM in offshoring jobs and keeping profits to themselves. I mean, actually CALL THEM OUT AS UNPATRIOTIC. I believe Big Ed did last night in his TV show. I want to hear it from Dem candidates...oops, not good campaign strategy, I guess...although TRUE!!! I guess it's us, then, guys!"

This is exactly why i have ZERO confidence that LBS can create JOBS and ZERO confidence they want to create jobs...... THEY JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND
The reason companies are moving offshore is precisly because OBAMA is putting more and more regulations on them... So they have to move in order to stay in business. JESUS i wonder if any of these liberals would commit sucide but that is exaclty what they are asking companies to do if they stay here with increasing obama overhead then they will be committing suicide.... it is so friggin plain to see.....

They also do not see or want to see that companies are not spending money because they are scared of what Obama is going to do ....

It is in business's best interest to keep operations in America.. America is almost every major companies largest market... DUH ......they do not want to move operations oversea's they are forced to......

It is also in businesses best interest to invest in thier future the only reason they are not doing it is OBAMA


10-08-2010, 05:32 PM
liberals.... if you demand a high level of regulations then you are going to get businesses moving to other countries it is as simple as that.... if you demand a high level of regulation then you will get businesses that do not expand...

you can not have a high level of regulation mixed with a high level of uncertainity about what new laws the president is going to impose and then expect business to stay in the U.S. and / or grow...

You can not have both..... DUH