View Full Version : One day they will get thier argument straight

10-18-2010, 11:02 AM

The climate crowd has done it again. They have changed thier argument to prove man made global warming

Here is the new tatic:

Many man-made climate change deniers will point to natural climate change in the past as a way of dismissing the impact of man-made input to the environment.

"See?", they will say, "The earth went through natural and dramatic climate change in the past and life is still here!"

Actually, man-made global warming and climate change advocates have no problem with natural climate change.

The problem is, natural climate change, COUPLED WITH man-made climate change.

Man-Made climate change advocates do not just propound "climate change"

They are warning against "FATAL Man-Made climate change".

In other words: Natural climate change + Man-Made input = Fatal Climate Change.

Which is a big difference from just "man-made climate change".

what am i suppose to say oh this new arguments (Version 60) makes sense,,,

What a bunch of Idiots