View Full Version : Maybe the problem is this idiot is not listening....

10-23-2010, 07:10 PM
Maybe the problem is this stupid jerk is not listening rather then his claim that the REB's are not talking..


Someone should make Republicans running for office explain
exactly what they would have done if they personnally
had been faced with the conditions that Pres. Obama

Hey idiot they have the republicans have suggested tax cuts to stimulate the economy, reducing regulation especially obamacare and last week Rush came up with a great idea to reduce the taxes charged american companies that want to bring cash back to the U.S. from foreign sources. Don't you listen .......

Would they have looked at the circumstances in the country

and when the Fed reccommended Stimulus --would they
have said--We are not going to do one darn thing
to help or would they have said we need a larger

Hey bonzo bean...... i remember the fed chief saying NOT to use government spending to stimulate the economy but your little no-nothing, dumbass, stuck-up, i know more then everyone on earth little man child did not listen to any of the experts and cried and cried about the country needing stimulus.. seems to me he does this alot...
The current fed chairman has spoken against Kenysian economic policies all his life why would he all of a sudden want them... do me a SHUT UP... LISTEN to other people besides your beloved liberals, educate yourself and then come back to me with your rants...

[QUOTE]They have permitted to
smear a perfectly logical economic remedy.

Again stop listening to your be loved liberals and take an economics class keysian economics was proven to be wrong.. the only people that push it or believe in it are the same people that want big governement... get the connection

Read any of The current Fed chairman's books he is completely against Keysian economics.....