View Full Version : They will really BELIEVE ANYTHING won't they

10-23-2010, 07:24 PM
They will really BELIEVE ANYTHING won't they as long as it pushes thier agenda forward


I just don't understand how the Democrats are losing the spin on this one.

In the 1980s, the cries about the impending retirement of the baby boomers became loud and hard to ignore. SS really was going to face a shortfall, unless it changed its formula.

HEY DING BAT: In governmental accounting every entity has it own Balance Sheet and if you look at the single entity balance sheet of the Social Security fund its BROKE... the only way it does not look broke is by the government recording receviables ( the whole IOU thing in the gore election ) in the amount of the deficit..

Think about that. When Goopers talk about SS being broke, they are talking about an entity that is sitting on top of a $2.5 trillion war chest full of bonds. If you had $2.5 trillion in bonds and someone told you that you were broke, what would be your response?

Hey goober...... Bonds are debt and a liability ... The fact that SS is showing 2.5 trillion in debt ( A negative) means they do not have the related capital account in that amount to off-set the bonds you are citing... this means its in DEFICIT

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3. If it wasn't so "rich" it wouldn't be such a juicy target for the wolves.
There will be the popping of very expensive Champagne corks if they get their hands on this prize [/QUOTE

Hey dumbass... there is not a bank account with cash that you can point to and say there that is SS.. its friggin accounting entries and i will try this again ...the very fact you have 2.5 trillion in debt means that there is a deficit