View Full Version : Then why in the world is NPR and the liberals so strongly opposed to defunding

10-23-2010, 07:57 PM

don't you just love when DUer's are soo stupid that they make our argument for us

NPR's revenue comes primarily from fees paid by our member stations, contributions from corporate sponsors, institutional foundation grants, gifts from major donors, and fees paid by users of The Public Radio Satellite System. We receive no direct federal funding for operations. The largest share of NPR's revenue comes from program fees and station dues paid by member stations that broadcast NPR programs.

Ok then let's defund them completely.. NPR is just a mouth piece for George Sorros and the liberals :D

BrklynLiberal (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-23-10 05:33 PM
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2. I have heard that it is only 2%-6%. The repukes make it sound like it is totally funded
by the govt.

Actually, the corporate funding, "sponsorship" / "partners", is what pisses me off....

Ok then lets defund them... by the way Brooklyn liberal i agree with you the corporation should not be giving money to NPR.. lets put a stop to that also :D

Iris (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-23-10 06:51 PM
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13. They have no idea. They also think NPR survives due to a large donation from George Soros
but have no idea that they also received a huge endowment from Doris Duke after she died and another from the widow of McDonald's.


Turborama (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-23-10 05:35 PM
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Petitions to Congress: Don’t Let Extremists Defund NPR

Please take a moment to join tens of thousands of others who are defending NPR and standing up to Sarah Palin and extremists. Sign this letter to Congress and share this action with all of your friends.

but what about your (By the same person) post 5 minutes earlier

If you look closely this is the same person that just made the claim that NPR does not receive much funds from the U.S. governement..... HUH ............

I keep telling myself nobody can be this stupid... mmm Soros himself announced the contribution to NPR unless of course you can claim that Soros was lying in his news conference..... maybe soros was lying to his diary... or maybe he was lying to himself.....

All i can say is WOW