View Full Version : Sometimes the truth is hard to hear

10-29-2010, 12:59 PM
Remember when Bill Cosby was almost lynched by certain black rights leaders for telling america that the black population could no longer blame white people for their hardships but instead must blame themselves? What has this country come to? Is it a bad thing to educate your kids and work hard for a living?

Now Pastor John Lawson is saying basically the same thing but is also explaining how the democratic party has used the black population and led them to a dead end.

It's funny how some people just can't handle the truth. How do you tell someone the truth if they completely turn off and call you a racist immediately after hearing it?

"No White person can criticize Black people unless they are racist, but Black people are operating at the bottom of the economic scale in this country. White people are operating that the top of the economic scale in this country. Now if the people operating at the top can't criticize the people that are operating at the bottom, how are the people operating at the bottom ever going to get to the top? They're not." Pastor John Lawson

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