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11-12-2010, 01:23 PM
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My BIL has three kids in school...

The youngest is getting bad grades so my BIL starts yelling at him, spouting anti-union-teacher fox nooz repuplicorp talking points about how it's the teachers fault and they get paid too goddamned much money anyway! He went on and on about how teachers and their unions suck, never once acknowledging or registering that his other two sons are straight-A students.

I've known him for 11 years. He goes on and on about how his taxes are spent by fucking Democrats never even realizing that he's only worked four years in the past 12 and hasn't paid a dollar in taxes for at least past four years!

What a 'bagger!So the BIL starts yelling at the KID while blaming the kids poor grades on the teacher. YET..........

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4. Actually, he's 11 and is very smart and made good grades last

year. His problem seems to be that he's clowning around and not doing/completing his work, according to a couple of previous teacher notices.

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19. This is the sort of guy who thinks he knows it all. He blames the teacher

and then he makes up reasons why it's the teachers fault. Once he's done that, it's fact and you can't tell him anything otherwise. No point in even trying. And that goes for EVERYTHING.

It's much more likely the 'BIL is mad at the kid for fooling around. PERIOD. AND he's mad at the level of education, the left wing bias, and the teachers unions who are demanding more and more money as well as the right to teach every left wing liberal ideology while taking more and more rights away from parents. (Heather has two mommies, taking 14 year olds to have abortions without informing parents, gay pride day, pretend to be Muslim, saying prayers etc, but deny the right of a teacher to have a bible out on his desk to name a few.)

But to the logic of a DUmmie if someone is mad at a kid for fooling around, and he's mad at the educational system, teachers and unions then it's cause and effect.

And since when does someone have to pay taxes in order to be able to have an opinion about where and how taxes are used?

If that's the new standard then there are a LOT of liberals and Democrats who have no say in how our taxes are spent........not even the right to have an opinion.