View Full Version : Will You Mr.Obama Now Admit that You Were Dead Wrong on the Surge?

08-22-2008, 06:44 PM
Can Obama Answer 6 Questions Honestly?

The Democratic National Convention is days away, and Sen. Barack Obama is wading through a lot of mud that is sticking to him. During the primary election, I gave Mrs. Clinton some advice.

Today, I offer the same for Obama, who wants to be commander in chief.

I will frame my advice in the form of questions. If Mr. Obama can answer these questions honestly, he can help himself and his campaign. So here we go:

Let's start with the war in Iraq. You have said you were always against the war, which was easy because you didn't have to vote for or against it.
Will you now admit that you were dead wrong on the surge?

You have not been clear on whether your skin color should influence people to vote for you.snip
You have told folks that you look different than all of the other presidents on our currency.

What exactly did you mean by that "look different" part?

Were you referring to your skin color? (Hint: Be very careful here. So far, polls show that 90 percent plus of blacks will vote for you.)

Did you know that he and his wife adopted a little girl from Bangladesh and her skin is darker than yours?

Mrs. McCain was visiting an orphanage with Mother Teresa when she first laid eyes on this beautiful child.

With these facts in mind, will you publicly state that you know that McCain is not racist and his campaign does not use racist tactics?

You have has an association with an unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers, who built bombs and used them.
He is not a very nice guy, Sen. Obama. This is what he told the New York Times in 2001: "I don't regret setting bombs; I feel we didn't do enough."

Will you specifically condemn Ayers for his attacks on the United States of America?

5. You have other associations that aren't exactly kosher for a presidential candidate.

You've condemned your former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, for his anti-American speeches. Now you'll need to cut ties with a string of other hate-mongers, such as Jodie Evans, cofounder of the radical anti-military group Code Pink.

I have gone head-to-head with these folks and it isn't pleasant.

They lie, they scream, they agitate, they push. Basically, they are anarchists in pink skirts.

Ms. Evans is the leading radical, and she has bundled money for you to the tune of up to $100,000.

She has also personally given you $2,300 the most allowed under law. I wanted to pass on this news alert about your friend: She loves the terrorists who are still trying to kill our soldiers in Iraq.

According to my friend Kristinn Taylor at Free Republic, Robert Novak wrote a column Jan. 15, 2006, that said, "Code Pink, at a mock war crimes tribunal in Istanbul June 27, signed a declaration that the Iraqi insurgency 'deserved the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.'"

That's Code Pink's style of justice and freedom, and you take money from their leader.

Will you give back all of the money Evans, an alleged terrorist sympathizer, gave you, and condemn her group Code Pink?