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11-16-2010, 12:43 PM
'Disney Tattoo Guy' trading his passion for new love

By Kathy Boccella

Inquirer Staff Writer

George Reiger's small world has gotten bigger.

Once a lonely postal worker known as the "Disney Tattoo Guy" for the 2,200 Disney images inked on his body, he is selling his 5,000-piece Disney collection and getting rid of the body art so that he can be with his very own Disney princess.


"The Disney Tattoo Guy is dead," said Reiger, who lives in a 6,000-square-foot Mickey Mouse-themed house in Bethlehem, Pa., with custom-designed doors, ceilings, knobs, and fixtures.

The enormous collection, one of the biggest in the country, is going on the auction block Monday at William H. Bunch gallery in Chadds Ford. It took three days just to photograph and tag the items.

Reiger said he's unloading it all - the Disney props, the Mickey Mouse light fixtures, a 15-foot Nautilus submarine - so that he can move to Miami to be with his new love.

"I'm starting a new life," he gushed.

Reiger, 56, has been goofy about Disney for 40 years. He says he's made hundreds of trips to the Happiest Place on Earth, strutting down Main Street in tank top and shorts and getting more attention from his tattoos than Snow White.

But Reiger wasn't happy at all. Although he claimed in TV and newspaper stories that he had had six wives - and lost them all because Disney always came first - he now says that he lied and that he was as lonely as Quasimodo and got tattooed because he craved attention.

Last September, he found his Esmeralda.

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