View Full Version : UAV Sniper a highly accurate air vehicle with a 50-caliber sniper weapon system

06-05-2008, 06:23 PM
UAV Sniper [Appropriately named TAPPS]

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Sagetech Corporation introduces UAV Sniper, a highly accurate unmanned combat air vehicle armed with a 50-caliber sniper weapon system. For the first time, the tactical targeting precision of a field sniper team will be available in an unmanned aerial platform. Employing long-range communication links, a mature system will be operable day and night from control stations thousands of miles distant, undetectably placing sniper shots with perfect confidence.

The long range precision shooting skills of the military sniper team have found increasing utility in the urban combat environment of Iraq and sparsely populated regions of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the speed and effectiveness of a sniper team is limited by the need to find concealed firing locations in range of the adversary. The remotely operated UAV Sniper system will remove this requirement while drastically increasing capability and keeping the shooter out of harms way.

The effectiveness of the UAV Sniper vehicle will not be measured simply by the number of casualties inflicted upon the enemy. Realization of the UAV Sniper's presence would instil fear in enemy troops and influence their decisions and actions. In a close air support role, the UAV Sniper would enhance a unit's firepower and augment their means for destruction and harassment of the enemy. This role becomes more significant when the target is entrenched or positioned among civilians where firing automatic weapons would result in the wounding or killing of non-combatants.

06-05-2008, 06:26 PM
It kinda sounds like that gun used in the movie, "Shooter".
We always have the coolest toys!:D