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Adam Wood
11-20-2010, 12:42 PM
Proud to be union thugs, and screw anyone who doesn't agree (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x9589120).

NNN0LHI (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 07:40 AM
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Union's rat protest upsets Joliet church using scab labor


November 19, 2010

BY JOE HOSEY Herald-News

The Westminster Presbyterian Church in Joliet has a rat problem: Scabby the Rat.

Angry that the church is using non-union help, Local 11 of the roofer's union has put its infamous inflatable rat -- nicknamed Scabby -- outside the church.

"It's just ugly, and all people are seeing right now is a big yellow rat in front of our church," said the Rev. Matthew Robinson, pastor of the 55-year-old church on Winthrop Avenue.

"Golly, we don't need that. That's not who we are."So this tiny little church in Joliet can't afford union extortion wages, and the union decides to screw them over by picketing a place where they never even worked in the first place.

The DUmp, predictably, evokes precisely what unions are all about:

elehhhhna (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 08:49 AM
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4. That's an improvement -- the Will County Carpenters union used to

just torch the buildings under construction by non-u labor.Hooray! Fight the Man! That'll show 'em! Nothing like a little arson to get your point across.

whistler162 (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 08:58 AM
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5. Not one of the brighter protests.....

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fire in the building of a poor congregation. Maybe they should have worked with the church to find a way of providing union sanctioned roofers for an affordable, to the congregation, price!

But, I guess it is more important to make zeroes out of themselves instead of heroes.
UH OH! Actual reason!

Well, this tyranny will not stand...

NNN0LHI (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 09:04 AM
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6. The union should have dropped their pay to scab labor rates?

Hey, how about we try that with your job and wages and see how that works out?

Talk is cheap isn't it?

Maybe they should have just torched the place.

"Every time you elect a Democrat, another church burns...."

Obamanaut (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 04:47 PM
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16. If they had done so, they not only would be working, they would be doing

something good for someone (I know it's hard for some people to want to do anything good for a church) AND they would be doing actual work instead of walking on a sidewalk.
The hell you say! Actual work? Fuck that noise! Why do that when you can just hold up a picket sign and intimidate people who actually are working?

fascisthunter (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 04:50 PM
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19. sorry but you are wrong

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the protester was right... thanks for not supporting the working class
Yeah! Those guys up on the roof of that church are actually all executives. You can tell because they're tarring the roof while wearing three-piece Armani suits and ascots.

Obamanaut (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 04:56 PM
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29. I suspect the workmen on the roof are also 'working class.' As for

being wrong, if one doesn't automatically embrace an answer, that does not automatically make one wrong, or the answer the only right one.
Codeine (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 04:58 PM
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32. They are scabs.

Scabs aren't working-class. Scabs are filth.
Of course they are. They should sit in the back of the bus and there should be separate water fountains and bathrooms for scabs, because, you know, they're not human beings, unlike union workers.

Dr.Phool (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 05:39 PM
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68. Scabs are sub-human.

Deal with it.

me b zola (1000+ posts) Sat Nov-20-10 01:59 AM
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179. He is taking food out of the mouths of the children of the men and women

whose job he is stealing with his scab labor.
Ah. So the union now owns all of the jobs. That's BRILLIANT! That must mean that the unions are the ones who are responsible for all of this unemployment going on. They own all of the jobs, so they must be withholding jobs from people.


blondeatlast (1000+ posts) Fri Nov-19-10 07:14 PM
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123. Jesus was a carpenter--and I'm betting a Union one. He had a thing to say about religious hypocrites

and the moneychangers in the Temple.

Read up.

"Hi, I'm Jesus, a proud member of the Carpenter's Local 1 out of Nazareth...."

Holy crap! You can't make this stuff up.

Much, much more that I didn't feel like wading through. Enjoy.