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11-22-2010, 12:20 PM
E-Tombs, For The Dead Who Were Digitally Connected (For Real)

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by Chuck Wolk


There are those who think that for too long the dead have been stuck in the past and it is time we allowed them to enter the future. So a team of designers have developed a Blue-tooth enabled grave stone that will allow friends and relatives to really get in touch with the life that was uncle Joe, aunt Sue, brother Mike or even Ma and Pa Kettle. Those silent moments at the grave sites are going to be a lot more enjoyable as we will now be able to relive the moments that truly were memorable. Thanks to the folks at Yanko Design and Rosetta Stone, there is now the technology to connect the emerging importance of social networking with the traditional form of cemeteries, and memorials. Yes this is really, it is the way the future is now going. The dead will be connected to the living, well at least all the information the dead left behind will be.

We've come along way from the days when humans had to rely on surviving relatives to either chisel the deeds into the stone walls of the caves we lived in for so many years, or pass on the memory of our accomplishments by word of mouth. Heck, if it weren't for those campfire chats at night after our burial, no one would even know we ever existed, let alone remember the things we did. Yup, things sure are going to be different now. No more counting on uncle Ben's memory about that hunting trip when you killed that black bear with with the help of your monster dog Rover. No sir, now after we are long dead, we will continue to live in cyberspace by having our relatives interact through key web pages like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There will be digital photos of that black bear that really got away, and the truth about how big that dog really was.


You see, it will be the information on these sites that will now be able to be stored onto a hard drive implanted into the tomb above your grave. With today's technology, while your loved ones are standing over your resting place, they will be able to use their cell phone or i-Pod to download anything about you they wish to have. Just imagine, as more and more of our lives are spent in the digital realm it only seems fitting that our memorials follow suit. Fact is, mourners will still be discussing the truth about our life we led long after we would have been forgotten. You know how they say that once you entered something into the internet it's there forever? Well, now your relatives will be able to make sure that information they find out about you on the web will be added and updated to the digital library of your E-Tomb, even those embarrassing moments you thought were long forgotten.

I guess apple fans will have iTombs.

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11-22-2010, 12:31 PM
So does that mean that now even death won't stop me being a mod? ;)

11-22-2010, 01:04 PM
So does that mean that now even death won't stop me being a mod? ;)
Upon command you will hover over the stone as a 3D laser hologram or rather a halogram and recite some little ditty from your mod days about where and where not to post And so proceed ad infinitum.
... .We will all be required to leave a small stone to mark our visits.