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snooper2 (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-15-10 10:55 AM
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Video: Secret NASA UFO-ET Transmissions
This is scary stuff! I hope they don't come for me!!!


This documentary was released in 2000 and has received very little notoriety, considering the sheer quantity of UFO footage that it contains.

At minute 17, Martyn Stubbs begins to speak. Stubbs was a manager at a public access cable TV station in Vancouver, BC. He was able to request a dedicated satellite dish and he took it upon himself to monitor everything that occurred during certain NASA Shuttle missions, including the repair of the Hubble telescope, joining with the Mir space station.

http://www.pakalertpress.com/2010/11/02/video-secret-na... /

Stubbs recounts how he was able to see, from NASA’s own footage, which he down-linked with a dedicated satellite dish and hundreds of hours of video “Two phenomena, which in my estimation, should not be there.” The first phenomenon consisted of spherical objects, the second was something which could only be seen when the footage was stopped to reveal singular video fields (at a 60th of a second), so the objects were moving at incredible rates of speed. They’re reminiscent of the “rods” phenomena promoted widely on the Internet by Jose Escamilla in the mid-1990s.

The interview with Stubbs is long and the pacing is not what one would prefer but it’s worth it for the very end of the clip, where there’s lots of footage from the Russian space program of the MIR space station literally surrounded by UFOs.

Paranormal TV Presents...: The Secret NASA Transmissions

Now this may seem like a serious post, but snooper has been doing a few of these threads lately. Trying to mock Spooked911(chicken wire boy), and DefendandProtect. Their a bit to dense to see it though.

spooked911 (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-15-10 08:16 PM
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1. thanks
interesting and important


SDuderstadt (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-15-10 08:18 PM
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2. Dude...
Snooper is mocking you and other conspiracists.

Duder tries to lay it out, but in typical spooked fashion, reality slips off him like he's coated in teflon.

spooked911 (1000+ posts) Tue Nov-16-10 07:28 AM
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4. is he really?
maybe he was just being light-hearted.

In any case, did you watch the video?

defendandprotect (1000+ posts) Tue Nov-16-10 01:01 AM
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3. Thank you -- will try to catch up with all this tomorrow ...
think I'm a little familiar with it -- but obviously much more to know!

zappaman (1000+ posts) Tue Nov-16-10 10:56 AM
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7. LOL!
Seems like you sucked 2 of the usual suspects in.
I can think of at least one other who should be rolling in at any minute...

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And the answer is...

piratebay (11 posts) Tue Nov-23-10 03:34 AM
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12. That's just so fake, you can see the outline of the rabbit fencing

that they used to build that "flying saucer". Real aliens wouldn't use rabbit fencing because it won't stand up to the heat and stress of intergalactic travel. It would be like putting lighter fluid and patio blocks on a mock up of a building, you would have to stomp on it to get it to collapse.

See this proof of something...


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That literally made me lol.