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11-24-2010, 03:59 AM
Ted_White (53 posts)
Wed Nov-24-10 02:38 AM
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Obama is a Piece of Shit

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not standing up against the TSA. In fact, he has endorsed it. And he was the one who appointed Pistle.

This is the same man who hasn't stood up against the Patriot Act or Gitmo.

This is the same man who tramples on habeas corpus and gay rights.

He is a fucking piece of shit scumbag.

He has also caved in on HCR. He passed a POS of shit legislation. He never even fought for a PO, which would have been more popular than Obamacare.

He is also a warmongering asshole who loves to pimp out Blackwater.

Now he is even contemplating extending the Bush tax cuts, which will put us further in debt and exacerbate class warfare.

Speaking of class warfare, that is what is stimulus did. Half of it catered to the upper 5%.

The man is a goddamn piece of shit. There is nothing liberal about him at all.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am rooting for Romney right now. He is more liberal and intelligent. Plus, he has a spine.

I am tired of supporting party. I am supporting principle.
man, what a loser, what a democrat, what an American......................

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I'm guessing Teddy got shown the exit??? :D

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