View Full Version : Pro Patria: America, 'Tis of Thee We Sing

11-25-2010, 06:50 PM
Say America loud And There's Music Playing

Whenever giving major thanks, the fear is to leave someone -- or something -- out.

Around our table for a number of years we've had a toast of thanks that goes like this:

"For food and friends and family,

"For life and love and liberty,

"For all the things you've given me --

"Great God in Heaven, we thank thee."

It's dismissible as almost a ditty, almost a cliche. But we like it, even though it leaves out a key ingredient -- America, this oh-so-sweet land of liberty so blessed as it is with such amazing grace.

RANKING high among our duties as parents and grandparents is the charge to pass along the value of heritage, the goodness of family, the honor of country that simply is family writ large. Our people constitute a national family -- a national community, a national neighborhood, a national fellowship (of the ring?) -- boasting strains disparate and weird. Yet they are our strains and (mostly) comforting.

Say America loud and there's music playing (Kate Smith belting out "God Bless America," sending chills up the spine; Lee Greenwood and his rollicking "Proud to Be an American"; Sousa marches.

Say America soft and it's almost like praying ("this is my country," "above the fruited plain," "land that I love," "in the beauty of the lilies," "let us die to make men free").

Country is but music with melody on a national scale -- often, possibly too often, cacophonous melody, but melody still.

PRO PATRIA -- for country....Land That We Love,.America ...