View Full Version : Enhance airport security with better profiling

11-28-2010, 01:00 AM
Enhance airport security with better profiling

The Israeli techniques were explained to me this week by Yaakov Katz, a correspondent with the Jerusalem Post newspaper who has traveled the world while witnessing and being subjected to screening procedures.

As Katz explained it from his home base in Israel, his country's system is extensive but inconvenient. He typically has to arrive at the airport some 21/2 to three hours before his scheduled flight, even knowing that as an Israeli citizen he won't be subjected to more comprehensive screening.You see, the Israelis do something that remains unacceptable in America because of our politically correct mentality they profile prospective fliers.

For someone who is "Arab or comes from an African country Egyptian, or Moroccan, or has spent time in Pakistan those are people who should come a long time in advance (to the airport) because they will be questioned thoroughly," Katz told me."Their bags will be thoroughly inspected," he said, "and the security forces won't take any chances."

Katz says those travelers need to arrive five to six hours before departure and still are at risk of missing their flight because of the security measures.But Israeli travelers can feel safe because of the multiple layers of security in place, starting with guards who check travel documents at a checkpoint on the drive into the airport.