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11-28-2010, 11:54 AM
Ok, this might come off as all gooey and stupid...
I love this forum. I have to say, this place has a real family like atmosphere. I love it. It's like this really, rather level headed community of people who generally get along and enjoy each other's company. Sure--you have the cranks on both sides, but generally it's all in good fun with lots of laughs and light hearted ness. And I think we can appreciate the fact that we're all Americans (with some token Brits ;p).

Honestly, I even like the postings of Wilbur and Wei, even if I vehemently disagree with them. Yeah, we all disagree with their opinions, but another cool facet of this place is that even crazy opinions are allowed and given a voice...And let's be honest, Wei's and Wilbur's BS makes things more interesting.

And of course, you have the foxy ladies here like our aptly named moderator, CueSi and some other fine Conservative ladies.I have to admit, with the exception of ObamaGirl, Conservative women tend to be hotter than liberal chicks. The only liberal chicks who are hot are usually those socially liberal emo girls, but on the whole, of the public women, Conservative women (like the incredibly hot Megyn Kelly) are more attractive.

All in all, a great little place with great people, and I'm proud to call myself a member here.

/end gooeyness.

11-28-2010, 02:52 PM
Do you make glue traps?:eek::p