View Full Version : St Louis Shooting: Shots Fired At Reliable Funeral Home

11-30-2010, 04:39 PM
St. Louis Homicide Detectives Called To Shooting At Reliable Funeral Home

Police are investigating a shooting in the norther section of St. Louis. Police responded after shots were fired at the Reliable Funeral Home news reports say.

Reports say a funeral was taking place at the time but it is unclear if the two are connected.

Police say one victim, who had been shot in the face, showed up at St. Louis University Hospital.

One victim was critically hurt and taken by ambulance to another hospital.

A third victim was in serious condition. Police say they couldn't find the fourth victim, who reportedly had been shot in the leg.


Horrible thing to happen anywhere, but somehow it seems worse at a funeral. :(

11-30-2010, 07:47 PM
I guess STL wants to hold on to it's Most Dangerous City In America title like a pitbull on a rawhide bone.

As for the name "Reliable Funeral Home", this is begging for a joke.