View Full Version : "The Russians Are Still Desperate to Kill Americas ABM ."

12-01-2010, 07:53 AM
Dmitry Medvedev: missile system deal vital to avoid fresh arms race

" Russia's Batman And Robbin Are Still Desperate to Kill Americas Star Wars System ."

In his annual state of the nation address yesterday, Mr Medvedev called for more co-operation with the United States and the European Union, holding out the prospect of closer ties two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War.

He said tension would ratchet up fast, forcing Russia to bolster its military arsenal, if Western offers of co-operation on a system to defend against missile threats failed to produce a concrete agreement.

The warning appeared to reflect wariness in the Kremlin over uncertainty about US Senate ratification of New START, the nuclear arms limitation pact Mr Medvedev signed with US president Barack Obama in April, the centrepiece of the push for better ties.

Mr Medvedev said yesterday: "In the coming decade we face the following alternatives: Either we reach agreement on missile defence and create a full-fledged joint mechanism of co-operation, or a new round of the arms race will begin, and we will have to take a decision about the deployment of new offensive weapons. It is clear that this scenario would be very grave."

The remarks, in a 72-minute speech to members of parliament and ministers, raised the stakes in sensitive discussions with the US and Nato on missile defence. The issue has divided Moscow and the West since the 1980s.