View Full Version : "Those Hot Blooded Danes Are At It Again !"

12-03-2010, 09:09 PM
Denmarkís government is being called upon to employ a lethal new weapon in the fight against Islamist extremism: bare breasts.

No, Iím not making this up Ė and also deny outrageous suggestions that Iím looking for an excuse to tear myself away from the world-changing Wikileaks exposť. Peter Skaarup, the foreign policy spokesman of the Danish Peopleís Party, wants footage of topless women at beaches to be included in a video shown to prospective immigrants, in order to deter religious fundamentalists.

ďTopless bathing probably isnít a common sight on Pakistani beaches, but in Denmark it is still considered quite normal. I honestly believe that by including a couple of bare breasts in the movie, extremists may have to think twice before deciding to come to Denmark,Ē he said.

The Dansk Folkspartei arenít a bunch of fringe loons. In 2007, the won 13.8 per cent of the vote, and 25 seats in parliament. Its support is important to the ruling alliance, which means we should take Mr Skaarupís ideas seriously Ė even if itís difficult.

Now, Mr Skaarupís right about one thing: Iíve never seen topless women frolicking on Clifton Beach in Karachi. They would liven the place up. I doubt, though, that Islamists are going to flee screaming at the sight of breasts, shock-and-awe inspiring as they might be. Because Mr Skaarup has made the mistake of reading through puritanical Islamist literature, and concluding that it constitutes a guide to the mindset of the movementís adherents.