View Full Version : "Iran Abruptly Fires Foreign Minister,Holds Large Military Exercise Near Iraq Border.

12-13-2010, 05:35 PM
Iran conducts large military exercise near Iraq border...Iran's president abruptly fires foreign minister...

Official state news agency reports two officers killed in largely secretive army maneuvers in southwest of country.

TEHERAN Iran's army has finished a large military exercise by ground forces near the Iraqi border, the official Iranian state news agency IRNA reported Monday. But unlike previous war games in which Iran boasted of weapons advances, the latest maneuvers were largely held under wraps.

The report by the IRNA news agency was the first public word that the maneuvers had been held, and even IRNA's confirmation came only indirectly. The report was about the death of two military officers in a road accident as they came back from "large" exercises by ground forces.