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12-14-2010, 05:32 PM

Rahm Denies "For Sale" YouTube Video

By Mary Ann Ahern
December 13, 2010

Part of the evidence being used in the residency challenge to Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy is a YouTube video displaying his home for sale.

The realtor’s tour-style video, which was put together for Real Estate Agent Charlotte Newberger, shows sweeping images of the Emanuel home at 4228 Hermitage Avenue set to wistful piano music.

Though the video is clearly labeled "Homes for Sale – 4228 Hermitage, Chicago, Il, 60613 – Charlotte Newberger," Emanuel’s camp says there was a typo.

"The house was never for sale somebody just tagged ‘for sale’ on the YouTube site," said an Emanuel campaign staffer. Another staffer promised more information later this afternoon. "The house was never for sale, only for rent." …


This is but a start of fast and loose with him.

Emanuel claimed part-year residency in ’09

Dec 12, 2010

When Rahm Emanuel originally filed his 2009 Illinois tax return, he indicated he was only a “part-year resident’’ of the state that year, since he had moved to Washington D.C. to serve as President Obama’s chief of staff.

But after he decided to return to Chicago to run for mayor this fall — and after several people challenged whether he was eligible to run based on the fact that he hadn’t lived in the city for a full-year prior to the Feb. 2 election — he filed an amended return.

“The original return’s statements regarding part-year residency were not accurate,” Emanuel and his wife wrote in a return filed Nov. 24. “The amended returns make clear that we were full-year residents of Illinois in 2009. … We are also full-year residents of Illinois in 2010.”

The tax returns were among the hundreds of documents released late Saturday in response to a Freedom of Information request by the Chicago-Sun-Times…

Attorney Burt Odelson, who is leading the charge to knock Emanuel off the ballot, said Saturday night that the fact that Emanuel filed the “non-resident and part-year resident’’ tax return shows even he acknowledged — at least initially — he wasn’t a resident in the last half of 2009 or for most of 2010 before he moved back to the state recently…

On the original Illinois return, in response to the question, “Were you, or your spouse … a full-year resident of Illinois during the tax year?’’ Emanuel checked “No.’’ He said he lived in the state only until June 30, 2009…