View Full Version : End the Horrendous Political Partisinship of Nancy Pelosi. THAT change I beleive in

08-24-2008, 10:50 PM
Pelosi sees Dems' convention opening new era

"They should lock up this old Maoist broad and throw away the key !"

This week, thousands of Americans from across the country will gather in Denver at the Democratic National Convention to nominate our next president of the United States: Barack Obama.

Drawn by Obama's inspirational message of change and committed to moving our nation in a new direction, these Americans will take time off from work and family, and often spend their own money to travel to Colorado for this historic convention. In so doing, we will help write the next great chapter in our nation's history.

California will be particularly well represented by the largest and most diverse state delegation that will deliver the most votes of any state for our next president.

This year, we witnessed a historic Democratic nominating contest. Millions of Americans who had never before involved themselves in politics rallied to the principles of our Democratic Party. Voters were energized by our inspirational candidates and an awareness of how much is at stake for our great nation. We will now gather at this Democratic convention more unified and determined than we have ever been.snip

By perhaps liberals in San Francisco .
I'm ready for change. Change one, get the House of reps off of the 5 week paid vacation and back to work. Change two start domestic oil drilling, build refineries, build nuclear plants, and invest in wind solar etc. Change 3 end the horrendous political partisinship of Nancy Pelosi. THAT is change I beleive in.
The leader of a Congress rated even lower than Bush has about a much credibility as the president Dems love to hate. If the Democrats get handed unchecked power, will they be any less corrupt than the GOP leaders? I greatly doubt it. Look at SF and Oakland.
The best thing the Dems can do for themselves is put a gag on Pelosi. She will make the bump negative as soon as she opens her mouth. Yuck!!

08-24-2008, 11:16 PM
She is way out of her league. Nancy might have been good as breeding stock 45 years ago, but not much else. :eek: