View Full Version : CodePink Faces Tough Odds For Public's Attention (As delegates at DNC Convention!)

08-25-2008, 03:44 PM
Kelly Jacobs will be wearing dresses made from a "peace flag" every day at the Democratic National Convention. As a delegate and a CodePink activist, she'll don bright pink earrings, shoes and backpacks - and hundreds of peace and pink-colored buttons. "There's no getting away from the peace message. It's on my neck down to my waist," said Jacobs, 49. The Mississippi activist, who is a delegate for Hillary Rodham Clinton, is one of about 20 CodePink women attending the Democratic convention. They probably won't be disruptive inside. But CodePink members outside the Denver convention are planning to stage parades,... snip
CodePink - a mocking reference to the government's color-coded terror alert system - started as a vigil in front of the White House in November 2002 to protest a war with Iraq. The vigil culminated in a women's peace march to the Capitol four months later when the war began.

Soon afterward, other chapters "spontaneously started all over the country," Murphy said. The group now has 250 chapters and 200,000 people on its mailing list.

At any given time, at least six CodePink members live in a three-story group house near Capitol Hill that is decorated with pink curtains and "peace" banners. Times and locations of major congressional hearings and demonstrations for the day are written on a self-erase board. Just as prominent is the phone number for U.S. Capitol Police, a source for learning which activists have been arrested, the charges against them and the bail needed.

In Denver this week and at the Republican nominating convention next week in St. Paul, Minn., CodePink has orchestrated an array of anti-war protests. "Pink Police" riding in-line skates who will hold signs reading "stop war, yield for peace" and bicycle brigades will rally against what the activists call America's addiction to oil and war.

"You can't be green and be pro-war," said co-founder Benjamin. "In general, both parties have kept us down this militaristic path and neglected our basic needs."