View Full Version : The Schmit Storm (Karl Rove's Protege) Steve Schmidt.

08-25-2008, 05:41 PM
The Schmit Storm (Karl Rove's Protege) Steve Schmidt.

"Thanks to Steve Schmidt (Totally Baldheaded).. also known as the Bullet,His head looks like an anti-tank round !"

Karl Rove is passing the torch and his weather machine onto Steve Schmidt. McCain's campaign is now running like a well oiled machine. Thanks to Steve Schmidt.. also known as the Bullet. McCain ad stirs tensions among Hillary/Obama supporters. McCain responds rapidly to Obama's economic claims. McCain uses Dem Delegate to hit Obama. New McCain Ad: Why was Hillary passed over? McCain takes on Obama's "Above my pay grade" remark. McCain takes advantage of Obama slip up. McCain attacks Obama on pro-abortion stance. McCain rolls out new ads with Biden's words. McCain's 'housing' ad strikes back at Obama. New McCain...

The McCain campaign has been very good. This guy is indeed a Republican Carville. The strategy is purely technical. When a candidate stands for very little, this is certainly the way to go.

Atwater would go after Democrats on ideology. That's not what McCain's people do. They cede the arena to liberalism and don't cross swords with it. McCain is fairly liberal himself. It's strictly about getting him elected. They are drawing personal distinctions between Obama and McCain.

This is now a personal election about two men, and is thus a brilliant strategy.

McCain has a lot of weaknesses with the base, but the GOP knows that they have nowhere to go, and will vote for endless holding actions to defeat the far left with less than conservative candidates. I never in a million years thought McCain could be on the verge of victory.