View Full Version : Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: the Willie

12-31-2010, 09:08 AM
The Willie was first awarded last year, 2009, known as the "Lifetime Achievement Award," given to the primitive who's done considerable to spread the good name and reputation of DUmmieland far and wide, promoting its veracity and credibility, enhancing its standing as a paragon of honest truth and good taste; truly a model for other message-boards to emulate.

The name was shortened to the Willie this year, so as to save depreciation on the keyboard.

The first winner of the Willie, last year, was the "TomInTib" primitive, or TiT, or the lying tits primitive, who certainly did an outstanding job in demonstrating the veracity of Skins's island, what with his being the second most-decorated veteran in American history, and all his tales of dashing and daring, as a Navy SEAL training Army Green Berets in Vietnam, and piloting an Air Force bomber over Laos.

Among much other braggadaccio.

Unfortunately, my fellow alum Skins is unappreciative of public relations efforts on behalf of his real-estate that are not under my fellow alum's thumb, and the lying tits primitive became history around Christmas 2008.

This year, the second year of the Willie, there were twelve names on the ballot:

-Alan Grayson


-the Big Three (Skinner, EarlG, Elad)


This year, the voting for the Willie ended up in a tie, two winners having to share the glory.

BouncyBall, who has not been seen on Skins's island for years, but whose memory persists.

BouncyBall was allegedly a bubbly, effervescent teacher's aide in a grade school down in Texas, who wrote many legendary tales about conversion of Republicans and conservatives, to Democrats and primitives.

BouncyBall was so prolific in her tales that she attracted the notice of etymologists and vocabularians all over the world, who officially designated a "bouncy," named in her honor, for anecdotes, stories, jokes, and legends about improbable ideological conversions:


The background to the bouncies, although BouncyBall is not properly credited, is explained here:


WilliamPitt, a still-surviving primitive on Skins's island despite his numerous drunken spiels insulting my fellow alum Skins (and other primitives in general), also known as the Pittster or the Bostonian Drunkard.

The Bostonian Drunkard's done numerous stupidities over the years on Skins's island, attracting even the notice of the news media out here in the real world, but his classic was during the nonIndictiment of Karl Rove on May 12, 2006; it's even made Google, and deserves to be seen in all its glory at the original location:



There were other campfires raging about the issue at the time, the disappointed primitives castigating the Bostonian Drunkard for lying to them, but those were considerably locked and deleted by Skins.

Incidentally, it was during Fitzmas that a primitive coined the endearing term "freudenschade."

But.....despite all his embarrassments ("you can bank on it," "Kerry will challenge Ohio," his internet marriage, ad nauseam), the Bostonian Drunkard lives on, not only on Skins's island but in a geographic place-name.

From the picture window in franksolich's living room, looking out at the eastern horizon of the Sandhills of Nebraska, about a city block and a half away, there's a mound, a really big mound, resembling the Jungfrau of the Swiss Alps in miniature. To the casual observer, it's just a mound, nothing more; to a native of the Sandhills, it's just a man-made mound, nothing more.

But to a soil scientist, it's 740 cubic yards of antique swine excrement, dating from 1875-1950.

The William Rivers Pitt; thus is the Bostonian Drunkard commemorated out here in Nebraska.