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12-31-2010, 09:09 AM
This is the first year of the Annie; it had been contemplated calling it "The Most Likely To Succeed Award," but as the keyboard's showing a great deal of wear and tear, it was shortened to the Annie.

One has to do some mental gymnastics to understand this award--it pertains to any primitive most likely to succeed on Skins's island, which means it's a primitive most likely to fail in the real world.

There were sixteen names on the ballot for this particular award:

-Alan Grayson
-B0G (the Barack 0bama Group: FrenchieCat, babylonsister, Cha, ProSense, grantcart, HiFructosePronSyrup, NJmaverick, HughMoran, jefferson_dem, Peacetrain, treestar, RoyGBiv, sandnsea, berni_mccoy, SoxFan, Nicholas D Wolfwood, and others)

-Fat Che's little brother

-Horse With no Name


-Stinky the Clown


And again, surprise of surprises, this race too ended in a tie.

One wonders what the odds are, of such a phenomenon, but that's exactly what happened.

Alan Grayson, the recently-defeated primitive congressman from Florida, who made a few fleeting cameo appearances on Skins's island, and soon thereafter disappeared into oblivion.

Alan Grayson discovers Skins's island:


in which the soon-to-be defeated candidate is proud:


in which a primitive tries to persuade the humiliated ex-congressman to run for president:


in which a primitive wishes two of the biggest losers of 2010 a Merry Christmas:


bobbolink, also known as Bobo the Hobo, or the bobbling primitive.

And in case one isn't aware, the bobbling primitive is homeless.

Now, selection of the bobbling primitive, as with selection of the Bostonian Drunkard for the Willie, presents franksolich with a peculiar predicament. It appears likely one, or both of them, attained top ten primitivehood this year, in which case as in the other winning primitives, gives them their own thread.

But franksolich doesn't know if one, or both, of them won a top ten spot, as Mr. Wiggum (upon request) withholds the winners until the very last minute, until franksolich is ready to write the announcements. It's a lot more fun to write about something immediately upon knowing of it, than to know about it far in advance, causing one to contemplate and deliberate upon it.

So I'm only guessing that the bobbling primitive, along with the Bostonian Drunkard, latched onto top ten spots, and as I would have to write about them then, best to save the best, most-current, information for that, and to dwell upon the past with the two special awards.

Of course, I could be wrong--perhaps the Bostonian Drunkard and the bobbling primitive didn't make a top spot--but excresence happens; I've been wrong before.

Best not to mention how the bobbling primitive got the Bostonian Drunkard banned earlier this year; best to save that material in the reasonable expectations that they, either one of them, or both of them, won a top spot, and to deal with that there, then.

For the meantime, however, the subway cat explains the bobbling primitive:


01-01-2011, 09:21 AM
And as any of us could have predicted, Grayson dropped DU like a POS the micro-second they were of no use to him. He might be back though if he runs again. I'm sure the DUmmies will give to have him SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D