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12-31-2010, 09:11 AM
A new face among the primitives, BanTheGOP, has actually been around a while, but generally not noticed in the press, the crowd, the mob, of primitives rushing down to the beach to either greet, or tombstone, someone just getting off the boat.

There remains some, uh, suspicion among decent and civilized people that the banning primitive is a mole, but such suspicions thus far seem to have escaped the primitives themselves; after all, the primitives are hearing things the primitives wish to hear, and so the guy must be legit, talking like he does.

The banning primitive was first noticed by the DUmpster shortly before the elections of 2008:

BanTheGOP (49 posts) Wed Sep-03-08 10:19 PM
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9. That is why they need to be taken out...

...any way possible, legally of course....

...but if it's illegal, and I'm on the jury, I AM a thinking person...!!!


The DUmpster finally acknowledges the existence of the banning primitive (from 2009, not this year):


The banning primitive was lackadaisical about hanging until Skins's island until this year:

BanTheGOP (342 posts) Thu Apr-29-10 12:27 PM
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I'm back...with a vengeance!!

I have decided to come back to DU after a long layoff in which to consolidate my writings. Indeed, this is a critical period in our country's history, and frankly we are at a point where we have to fully understand our situation.

DESPITE our OVERWHELMING victory last year, I've been horrified...HORRIFIED...on the murderous, traitorous, inhumane activity put out by Republicanist bastards. SO CLOSE to ultimate success...and yet...

We are at the brink of destruction.

We are also at the brink of ultimate peace and prosperity.

But it is up to US to decide which direction we go.


If we ban the republican party, we well have ultimate peace and prosperity.

If we do NOT ban the republican party, we will all be destroyed.

This is NOT a gray area, folks. This is pure and simple logic, based upon upon years, decades, and centuries of unimpeachable evidence.

I will be popping out the articles once every couple days. Stay tuned for a complete and absolute smackdown on anything and everything republican, capitalist, racist, sexist, theocratist, and anti-human.


the banning primitive has been saying it for years:


the banning primitive translates:


the banning primitive calls Sarah Palin "the most dangerous person in America":


the banning primitive on postponing the 2010 elections:


the banning primitive has been saying this for years:


franksolich starts paying attention to the banning primitive:


the banning primitive is doomed:


the banning primitive is on thin ice:


the banning primitive despises the tea party patriots:


the banning primitive can't take it any more: