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12-31-2010, 09:13 AM
Oops, someone slipped, from fourth place last year.

However, that's not because the undergroundpanther primitive, the subway cat, got any more sane or lucid, but simply because the subway cat wasn't as vociferous in 2010, as she'd been other times.

The subway cat surely needs no introduction, but franksolich would appreciate it greatly if someone posted a link to her web-site, as he doesn't have it himself. She's a sight to behold, a sight to make the eyes pop out in wonder (and disgust), a sight to make eyes sore.

The subway cat lives in an affluent suburb of Baltimore, in a home owned by her mother. Her mother doesn't live there, living instead somewhere else, having been scared out of that palatial habitation by the company her daughter was bringing home. The subway cat is female, in her mid-forties, rather stout, and has been institutionalized from time to time. A heavy user of pharmaceuticals.

The subway cat wishes to be made a male, and social services of Maryland kindly started the job for her, but had to quit when halfway done, for lack of money in the state budget.

The above vital statistics provided by the subway cat herself.

This is not in chronological order, this particular thread (it belongs near the end, not at the beginning), but it's such a jewel of a thread it needs prominently placed--the subway cat finds her military career slipping away:


Now, getting back on track with the subway cat through 2010.

the subway cat opposes drug tests for welfare recipients:


the subway cat thinks about mental illness:


the subway cat admits she's nuts; gets chummy with the bobbling primitive:


the subway cat causes a ruckus:


the subway cat whining again:


the subway cat fires her therapist:


the subway cat out to change the world:


the subway cat hates her life:


the subway cat doesn't like chicken nuggets:


the subway cat sits alone at her campfire:


the subway cat can't trust:


the subway cat explains potatonomics:


the subway cat helps lengthen an acronym:


the subway cat insists Fox News put Hitler into power:


the subway cat's scared of her birthday:


the subway cat wants her cognitive freedom:


the subway cat turns Yugoista:


01-01-2011, 09:35 AM
Without doubt, one of the best (and saddest) examples of a DUmmie. :D

01-03-2011, 05:41 PM
UP is so messed up I almost feel sorry for her/him/whatever, except that he/she/whatever was a total crazy bitch to me a few times when I used to post over there. UP thinks that every GLBT who commits suicide does it because of people like me stating that doctors shouldn't perform sex change operations.

We used to have hospitals, thorazine and ECT for people like that. Now we have Zoloft, SSI and talk therapy.