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12-31-2010, 09:14 AM
Surely on the days following the Republican mid-term landslide--the third-largest Republican non-presidential landslide in all of American history--no primitive made a bigger splash than the xultar primitive, and it's remarkable that she didn't skyrocket to some place higher than mere eighth.

Perhaps the xultar primitive missed some votes because not all saw this classic rant:

xultar (1000+ posts) Thu Nov-04-10 02:25 PM
Original message

I hsve to confess that I have a very deep dark hatred for conservatives right now

I'm past angry...WTF comes after that I don't know.

But I hate them.

I HATE them


I have a burning...nagging hate + Anger x 10 thing going on. I don't feel right. I don't feel normal like I did before, I feel different. I don't like this new feeling. It is impacting my dreams and how I view republicans and teabaggers.

When I think of them I see them as different than us...like when I see them and they have a pet I wonder if they love their pets as much as we love our pets. I can't see how they can be as racist and evil as they are and still love pets. I'm trying hard to get over this but the more they lie and shit on Obama the more I hate them. The more I HATE them.

The fact that they are concentrating on removing Obama instead of jobs for the people they represent is fucking nutz. Not so nutz if you think about it is because if they get jobs then Obama will stay in office. So it seems that the fucking republicans are going to make things get worse on purpose just so they can bring down a black man. Those fuckers are willing to let MILLIONS suffer just to bring down ONE black man.

That is some EVIL shit. What is funny though is that the idiots who voted for those fucking cons...did it so they could get jobs. They didn't fucking know that the GOP = the corporations and the corporations want tax breaks and the only way they will get the tax breaks is to fuck with OBama and the only way to fuck with Obama is to hold back the fucking JOBS!!!!!!

They are inflicted with amnesia and ignorance to the nth degree.

I am steaming with the thoughts of this in my head. It is making me bitter and hateful and I hate it. I hate them.


Actually, the above's xultar in a nutshell; she's always that way, a drunken old angry black woman.

the xultar primitive sympathizes for fat airline passengers having to use the bathroom:


the xultar primitive whines about racism in terrorism:


the xultar primitive preaches a parable:


the xultar primitive loses her job:


the xultar primitive re-applies for her old job:


the xultar primitive has a panic attack:


the xultar primitive is drunk:


the xultar primitive hopes the racist laid there for hours and hours:


the xultar primitive is being honest:


the xultar primitive shuts down a tea party patriot:


the xultar primitive asks permission to be drunk:


the xultar primitive is drunk again:


01-01-2011, 09:40 AM
I don't feel right. I don't feel normal like I did before, I feel different. I don't like this new feeling. It is impacting my dreams and how I view republicans and teabaggers.

Well of course, you aren't drunk!!! :D