View Full Version : Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #06

12-31-2010, 09:17 AM

We've got a live one here, the Barack 0bama Group on Skins's island, the first time a whole entire group of primitives has ever been nominated for, and won, a top primitive award.

The Barack 0bama Group includes FrenchieCat, babylonsister, Cha, ProSense, grantcart, HiFructosePronSyrup, NJmaverick, HughMoran, jefferson_dem, Peacetrain, treestar, RoyGBiv, sandnsea, berni_mccoy, SoxFan, Nicholas D Wolfwood, and probably many others too insignificant to list.

franksolich says "whoopsie," because the DUmpster is surprisingly sparse of material from these primitives' campfires, probably because most decent and civilized people, while hiking around Skins's island, pause to read those campfires, but find them too boring to load up in the boat and bring over here.

They're about as warm and jocular as the brainwashed Maoist hordes of China during the 1960s.

No depth, no third dimension to them--a whole bunch of cardboard cut-out figures.

All chanting the party line, as if it makes sense or something.

Most might recall the bobbling primitive, who's homeless in case one doesn't know it, getting the Bostonian Drunkard kicked off of Skins's island last May, as the "big event" on Skins's island during all of 2010, but franksolich never pays attention to the occasional splashes as the water flows down the river; franksolich is much more interested in what's going on underneath the surface of the water.

The purge of non-0bamaites from Skins's island, especially those heroic few who made it all the way to find land and succor on Pitcairn Island, to me seems the bigger story of 2010.

However, one should keep in mind my fellow alum is not an 0bamaite himself; far from it.

And not being an 0bamaite, the situation has caused him no end of perplexity.

Skins is, if anything, a paragon of the Democrat Establishment, an insider fearful of the long-term prospects for the Democrat party, and it's obvious the 0bama ribble-and-rabble are a detriment to that; in fact, they very well may drive the Democrat party into oblivion, if allowed to continue in their idolatrous adoration, their chanting, their worship, of The One.

But on the other hand, for right now, the Teleprompter is in the White House, and hence at least temporarily part of the great Democrat Establishment.

So what to do?

franksolich wouldn't be in his fellow alum's shoes for all the dimes on Skins's island.

Probably 2011, what with a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and an increased Republican minority in the Senate, trying to right things (they'll manage to right some things, but not all things, alas), and the demonstrable incompetence of their god, the Barack 0bama Group on Skins's island should start, at long last, providing decent and civilized people--not to mention the inhabitants of Pitcairn Island--with some laughs, and one anticipates they will do even better in next year's voting for top primitives.

But for right now, they're all just a bunch of sour dour ideogogues, about as funny as a Swedish comedian.

Among franksolich's New Year's Resolutions--amid the usual standard ones about vowing to be a kinder, gentler, more compassionate, person--is that of considerably discombobulating the 0bamaite primitives, showing them to be the frauds, the shams, the counterfeits, the prevaricators, the brain-numbed, the liars, the cheats, the confidence-men, the buncombe-artists, the snake-oil salesmen, that they really are.

Sort of like poking a cattle-prod at the subway cat, to make her squeal, I guess.