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12-31-2010, 09:24 AM
In an exact duplication of last year's feat, in which EFerrari, also known as Doug's stupid ex-wife, placed third, behind the bobbling primitive and the greenbriar primitive, well, here we are again.

Doug's stupid ex-wife is 55 years old, married and divorced two times, two adult sons (from the first marriage) both of whom have served hard time (drugs), and lives south of San Francisco. She alleges to still be from San Francisco, where she used to live, but now she lives with her ailing mother on some desert acreage in the area of San Jose, or something like that.

All the above vital statistics provided by Doug's stupid ex-wife herself.

Disclosure again is necessary; franksolich is very well-acquainted Doug's stupid ex-wife, and has been so ever since her first appearance on Skins's island in November 2004--she has, now, allegedly, 250,000+ posts, a quarter of a million--and as intimacy breeds affection, franksolich cannot be objective about Doug's stupid ex-wife, finds it difficult to say anything bad about her.

Despite her rather quaint and wistful allegations about being one of the oppressed--in this case, a Latina woman--photographs of herself, posted by herself, of Doug's stupid ex-wife during the mid-1990s, show her at the time to be of northern Mediterraneac derivation, and actually rather aesthetic.

If franksolich had been a Hollywood casting director at the time, franksolich would've immediately named her to play Messalina or Agrippina or Juliana in a movie blockbuster, so ancient-Romanesque were her features then, so aquiline her nose, so svelte her figure, so long and slender her fingers, so sharp her features.

Alas, time and drugs have not been good to Doug's stupid ex-wife.

Of all the primitives on Skins's island, Doug's stupid ex-wife has occupied more of the DUmpster than even other notable primitives, and so it's not necessary, really, to provide any links to anything she's said at any campfires this year; everybody knows she lives out in the desert, everybody knows she's one of the most enthusiastic Yugoistas, everybody knows she cooks and bakes, everybody knows her tales of woe of dealing with her ex-husband Doug the comedian, everybody knows she laughs a lot.

Doug's stupid ex-wife created no spectacular splashes on Skins's island in 2010, instead maintaining a constant ripple-rapple and flip-flap to remind the real world that she's around.....and of course the DUmpster hopes, sincerely, that she's around for a very long time to come yet.

01-01-2011, 12:55 PM
And she continues her stupid ways with the post I found today. :D