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01-13-2011, 07:43 PM
NJ School Teachers attend Planned Parenthood Conf., learn about using "butt plugs" & Sex Toys

• During the conference, copies of the fall 2010 issue of Sex Etc. magazine were distributed to attendees. Sex Etc. is produced by Answer at Rutgers University’s Center for Applied Psychology, with funding from the New Jersey Office for the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities. In this magazine, a full-page chart purported to outline birth control effectiveness rates (pg. 13), included that condoms were 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and the birth control pill was 99.7% effective. Those rates, however, are in-laboratory rates, not “actual use rates,” which are a far more reliable gauge and easily arguable as more important for adolescents when they are being guided through decisions about early sexual involvement.

The chart went on to note that condoms “come in a variety of textures and flavors for oral sex,” but failed to mention the wide disparities in condom effectiveness (e.g., condom failure rates during the first 12 months of use by those under 20 and not cohabitating range from 14% - 23.2%, and for those under 20 and cohabitating, the failure rate ranges from 51% - 71.7% as cited by Alan Guttmacher). Likewise, Guttmacher sites the typical use failure of the birth control pill, at 8.7%. Typical use rates are not what teens are taught in NJ schools through Rutgers’ Answer and Sex Etc. magazine whose tag line is sex ed, honestly.

Despite its stated purpose, NJ Planned Parenthood’s conference was not focused on long-term health goals for teens. Topics such as protecting from sexual diseases and avoiding teen pregnancy by exercising self-control and delaying gratification were not on the agenda. It was more of a pep rally promoting sexual pleasure and offering guidance in minimizing risk for the nearly 300 attendees. This purported “professional development conference” presented unattached sex as costless, as long as it was consensual and contracepted. There was no focus at all on teen sexual activity as a high-risk activity. Where was the upfront medically sound information?


.Alas, the conference is over. Read all about it in Susie Wilson’s blog and in upcoming articles in the New York Times Magazine and Psychology Today. Come back soon for photos, videos, and information on NEXT YEAR’S Sex Ed Conference !


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What else are a bunch of assholes supposed to do?

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learn about using "butt plugs"
Do they prevent public embarrassment due to uncontrollable flatulence?:confused::eek::eek::eek:

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It was for a good purpose, unfortunately most of them plugged holes in the ground with them.