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01-14-2011, 08:32 PM
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David Zephyr (1000+ posts) Thu Jan-13-11 09:45 PM
Original message Yesterday Was Like Something Right Out of the Book of Esther!

Truth truly is greater than fiction.

Watching that right-wing, homophobic, xenophobic, Latino-bashing, sack-of-shit Senator Jon Kyle have to stand on the second row and applaud from behind while the crowd roared with a wave of love (it seemed like it went on forever) the heroic status given to that young, brave, gay Latino, Daniel Hernandez, in Tucson, Arizona yesterday was surreal. The power of love and decency publicly humiliating the perpetrators of hate as the entire world watched on television.

Witnessing Janet Napolitano, the former Governor of Arizona, being bathed in love right there in Tucson while that wicked, hateful and batshit Jan Brewer stewed with jealousy was also some sort of serious karmic, poetic justice.

There, right there in Arizona of all places, right on the front row sat America's first African-American President and First Lady sitting next to an Astronaut, a former U.S. Supreme Court Justice (who'd supported abortion rights and who voted to overturn the sodomy laws in Texas), along with that courageous young gay, Latino hero...while Arizona's three biggest bigots, Jon Kyle, Jan Brewer and John McCain, were placed in, shall we say, less prestigious seating!

Watching those three having to force smiles on their faces and to cheer for Daniel Hernandez was like seeing the most hateful boil imaginable being lanced right before our very eyes.

OMG! Jon Kyle and John McCain -- both who have stoked the anti-Mexican hatred and anti-gay bigotry with fever this past year -- had to stand and applaud (and applaud) while that beautiful young gay Latino man, Daniel Hernandez, was honored.

It was...well, it was like reading the Book of Esther and watching the wicked Haman having to see Mordecai the Jew being hailed just before Haman was marched off to hung on the gallows he'd built for Mordecai.

And to top it all, Sarah Palin, who wasn't even there in Arizona, but might as well have been, somehow managed to self-destruct as she provided the only sour-ass and "discouraging word" of the entire day.

That's the amazing thing about love, truth, courage and decency, beyond all of their glorious attributes, they also have the awesome power to really shame the living shit out of horrible people. I know. I saw it yesterday. And so did the world.

Teh Stupid...it burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Yeah dipshits, the world sure saw a lot yesterday...:rolleyes:

Dan D. Doty
01-14-2011, 11:56 PM
My God, Dave Zephyr's chief deities are hate and insanity :rolleyes:

Seems ol' Dave could have been the guy to run the Kool-Aid conseccion at Jonestown.