View Full Version : Thousands of lobbyists, corporate sponsors descend on Denver

08-26-2008, 05:33 PM
I wanted to flesh out something I alluded to in another post. This is from a UK story from the times online.


Thousands of lobbyists, corporate sponsors and wealthy donors have descended on the Democratic convention where their deep pockets are once again securing them privileged access, the best seats . . . and maybe a few favours from Congress or a Barack Obama administration.
Rental companies complain that they are running out of limousines to ferry the political elite and their high-rolling friends around Denver, where they can feed on gourmet dinners, down cocktails at more than 1,200 parties and amuse themselves at a celebrity poker game (the chips are free).

Xcel Energy, Pfizer and Molson Coors, each of which have given more than $1 million, will be among the donors with their own private executive boxes at the Invesco Field Stadium, the 75,000-seat home to the Denver Broncos, on Thursday when Mr Obama makes his big speech. So will Ben Barnes, a Texas lobbyist, who said: Its bigger than the Super Bowl.
Qwest Communications has given $6 million to the convention committee. The help it is receiving from Diana DeGette, the Colorado Congresswoman, with its case pending at the Federal Communications Commission is, apparently, entirely unrelated.

and there's much, more of the typical dem hypocrisy, in the rest of the story.