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01-18-2011, 11:33 PM
Health Plague extensive, military considering stopping all use of lead-free ammunition (Norway)

Norway: One and a half years after the newspaper Dagbladet revealed major problems with the Armed Forces' new environmental ammunition, considering the military to stop the use of lead-free ammunition and reintroduce traditional lead balls.

Defence Management admits that they now have a significant challenge in dealing with problems with the new ammunition, and that the extent of physical health problems among soldiers who use it only on the increase.

Doctors in the Armed Forces are more and more reports of soldiers who are sick for days after the shooting with lead-free ammunition


Norway started to use eco-friendly (lead-free) ammo and went ahead even when presented the dangers. Now they have admitted the disaster and are hopefully going back to the old-fashion ammo.
Memo to army: Don't listen to eco-leftists.
From what I’ve gathered from the article, the ammo is causing something called “metal fever” in the troops. I found this on Wiki:

The article says they were using some sort of steel ammo (the Google translator is not that easy to read) and, apparently, when fired the galvanized or stainless steel produces zinc, magnesium, or cadmium fumes. According to Wikipedia, inhaling these fumes can cause "Welder's Lung" so the hazard is not totally unknown.
It reminds me a lot of our mandated switch to light bulbs that contain mercury.

It's utterly absurd; something commonly used has a largely theoretical environmental hazard potential and so we willy-nilly, without carefully thinking through all the possible consequences, switch to something much more probably hazardous.An ordinary light bulb is generally only hazardous if you break it; you might cut yourself on the glass. These new ones contain mercury. I work in health care, and you can't find a mercury thermometer nor sphygmomanometer these days for love nor money, because the mercury is hazardous. We're putting it in everyone's house, though, in their light bulbs!

We've used lead ammunition for generations without poisoning ourselves, for the most part, but the lead is "harzardous" so an army switches to steel ammo and now they may be giving their people lung problems!

I am really, really sick and tired of environmentalists.