View Full Version : Who is Neil Abercrombie and what was his end game with Obama’s birth certificate?

01-24-2011, 05:08 PM
Who is Neil Abercrombie and what was his end game with Obama’s impossible to find birth certificate?

Trevor Loudon over at TheNewZeal ran a detailed biography of newly-minted Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie that ranks up there with the file David Horowitz has on him.

If you are in need of a new hobby, I strongly suggest spending an hour or so a day, at least, reading DiscovertheNetworks.org and using its search function to pull the bios of everyone in Obama’s personal orbit.

You’ll be amazed horrified at what you find

If you ask yourself how people like this could become a Governor or serve in Congress, you next need to ask yourself what efforts are really made to expose this stuff to the American people at large.

" The media covers up for the Leftists, and conservatives let it do that......Why?......
Because Google filters its search string output to remove details they decide are anti liberal/Progressive !"

Because conservatives are too nice, too polite, and don’t like standing up and shouting if they need to if that’s what it takes to be heard.