View Full Version : First month of winter has been snowiest in N.J. in 62 years

01-27-2011, 11:26 AM
First month of winter has been snowiest in N.J. in 62 years

Got the blues even though you’re surrounded by white?

If you live in the Garden State, you may.
According to the state’s climatologist, the past month has been the snowiest start to New Jersey’s winter in 62 years. Wednesday’s storm marked the seventh time that at least 2 inches have fallen in a portion of the state, climatologist Dave Robinson said.
Robinson additionally estimated that Wednesday’s snow put New Jerseyans over the state average for the winter, which stands at a little over 24 inches.
As the snow, and the snow statistics, begin to pile up, so do the winter blues.

"Just when it seems to go away, it seems it snows again," said Nyiesha Hayes, 26, of Newark, who now refrains from looking out the window when it snows. "I hate it. I’m praying that spring hurries up and comes. I feel like it snows every day and I’m tired of it."
But Susan Nolan, chair of the psychology department at Seton Hall University, said even though the phrase "snow fatigue" is making the rounds, it’s the lack of sunlight and not the snow that can sometimes get people down during the winter. Not only are there shorter days in the winter, she said, but the large amounts of snow the state has had in the past month also make for less sunlight than normal for this time of year.

Link (http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/01/nj_snowstorm_estimated_to_top.html)

So I guess the notion that snow is something we'd only see in movies is out the window, eh?:rolleyes: