View Full Version : Homeland Security to replace color-coded terror alerts

01-27-2011, 01:35 PM
Washington - The color-coded terrorism alert system that has greeted travelers at airports since shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings is being phased out, the government will announce today.

Long a joke on late-night talk shows, the color codes are being replaced by a system designed to give law enforcement and potential targets critical information without unnecessarily alarming or confusing the public, according to lawmakers and a Department of Homeland Security briefing paper on the change. (Snip)

The government will not abandon alerts completely. According to the Homeland Security briefing paper, the department may decide to issue specific warnings

"The highest terror threat level will now be a picture of Janet Napolitano wearing a thong. "

NOTE: they'd rather not warn the general public at all, especially if it involves certain groups of people from certain areas belonging to a certain cult.
You-know-whos. And that's the reality, they don't want the public looking out for Islamofascist terrorists. Better to feel safe and be sorry.
Better not to point out some Muslim with no body hair praying right before take-off and shouting to Allah. And Peter King disappoints again.
There was nothing wrong with the color system if these idjits had actually used it and changed it occasionally. But methinks they mostly didn't have a clue that