View Full Version : Arab world unrest has Jordan's king under pressure

01-28-2011, 10:06 AM
The Muslim Brotherhood called for fresh demonstrations on Friday to press its demand for political and economic reforms.

"We will continue our protests until our demands are met," said Brotherhood spokesman Jamil Abu Bakr, referring to their calls for electing a prime minister and Cabinet officials; amending a controversial election law they claim had reduced votes in their favor; and implementing reforms that would eradicate corruption and introduce a transparent government policy.

Abdullah has been working to create a more open-market economy that would see a greater flow of foreign capital into a resource-barren country, heavily dependent on U.S. and other foreign aid and whose debt is estimated at $15 billion, about double the amount reported three years ago.

"Nobody wants regime change, but people here want accountability and an end to government corruption," Jordanian analysts say.

Unrest ripping across the Arab world is putting pressure on Jordan's King Abdullah II, a key US ally who has been making promises of reform in recent days in an apparent attempt to quell domestic discontent over economic degradation and lack of political freedoms.

After two weeks of widespread protests inspired by the revolt that overthrew Tunisia's autocratic president, Abdullah has promised reforms in meetings with members of parliament, former prime ministers, civil society institutions and even Jordan's largest opposition group, the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood Movement.


01-28-2011, 10:47 AM
The Muslim Brotherhood is the driving force behind Egypt's problems, too. I fear things are coming to a head in those two countries. And when that pimple pops it is not going to be pretty.