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01-28-2011, 10:23 AM
Police close 6 October bridge in central Cairo - latest LIVE protest video from Al Jazeera http://bit.ly/hr2tAh

# less than 5 seconds ago via breakingnews.com

# RT @richardengelnbc: #Egypt Thousands in the center of Cairo. Some collapsing from thick teargas. One man fell next to me. 7 minutes ago via breakingnews.com

# U.S. economic growth strengthens to 3.2 percent in 4th quarter as consumers spend more 29 minutes ago via breakingnews.com

# RT @richardengelnbc: #Egypt Demonstrators appear leaderless. Protestors say they're out in the streets because of corruption & lack of jobs. 40 minutes ago via breakingnews.com

# Ford earns $6.6 billion in 2010, its highest profit since 1999 - Detroit Free Press http://bit.ly/fUFqXE about 2 hours ago via breakingnews.com

# ElBaradei update: Al-Jazeera says pro-democracy leader not detained; Al-Arabiya reports police have penned him in protest area about 2 hours ago via breakingnews.com

# Police in #Egypt detain pro-democracy leader Mohamed ElBaradei - Al-Jazeera via Reuters about 2 hours ago via breakingnews.com

# Nelson Mandela arrives at his home after stay at Johannesburg hospital - NBC News about 3 hours ago via breakingnews.com