View Full Version : " CowHampshire Rinos Are Worried !"

02-01-2011, 10:27 AM
New Hampshire Democrats conceded a dramatic loss of power to a Republican insurgency last November. Now another group is coming to terms with its sidelining.

Moderate Republicans, the practical-minded mainstay of the state’s venerable GOP, have watched in dismay as conservative legislators have proposed restricting state education funding to English, math, science, social studies, and physical education and urged that officials no longer “bear faith and true allegiance’’ to the United States and New Hampshire, but rather, only to New Hampshire.

With the recent ascension of Tea Party activist Jack Kimball to head the state Republican Party, many moderates now say they are resigned to having little sway in shaping the state’s agenda.

“We know we don’t have much of a chance of convincing anybody of anything,’’ said Representative Priscilla Lockwood, a moderate Republican, who said she fears that abortion will be restrict ed and gay marriage banned.

Kimball’s election also carries national implications because he will act as host to candidates in the nation’s first Republican primary in 2012. Prior to his win, Kimball had pledged to vet presidential candidates to ensure their conservative credentials, a departure from the party leader’s traditional neutrality. Last week, he softened that stance, saying all candidates are welcome.