View Full Version : Can Egypt's Revolution Stay the Distance?

02-07-2011, 11:23 PM
"And after Publicly Stabbing Mubarak in the back ....There Stands Obama With Egg All Over His Face !"

After thirty unbroken years as President of Egypt, it had seemed as if Hosni Mubarak's charmed career was finally coming to an end.

But yesterday, Cairo's famous traffic jams were back. Businesses, shops, and banks were open across the capital. Barack Obama spoke of the "progress" the Egyptian government was making towards reform. And though still in tens of thousands, the numbers at Tahrir Square were probably down on the previous day.

Meanwhile, Mr Mubarak, the great survivor, was using all the guile that has kept him in power for so long to produce a series of sweeteners including a 15 per cent pay rise for state employees to widen his public support.