View Full Version : " Iran 'Mass-Producing an Ballistic Anti-Ship Missiles'"

02-08-2011, 12:06 AM
"This sounds like a variation on the Russian Sunburn Anti shipping missile the Chinese are using !"

TEHRAN — Iran is mass-producing a ballistic missile which can travel at more than three times the speed of sound and hit targets on the high seas, a top commander said on Monday.

Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari, who heads the elite military force, the Revolutionary Guards, said the missile had a range of 300 kilometres (185 miles) "Iran is mass producing a smart ballistic missile for sea targets with a speed three times more than the speed of sound Or about 2300 mph, approximately one mile in five seconds."
He said the missile was "undetectable and can't be neutralised by enemies," without specifying the name. "It has very high precision in destroying targets," Jafari added.

"As the enemy's threats will likely come from the sea, air and by missiles, the Guards have been equipped with capabilities to neutralise the enemy's advanced technology," he said, according to another Iranian news agency, ISNA.

Iran's missile and space programmes have sparked concern in the West that such advanced technologies, combined with the nuclear know-how which the nation is acquiring, may enable Tehran to produce an atomic weapon.

"Iran Seems to Be Asking for a Nuke More and More often these days !"

http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hfIrLpGsCvEg1YS5ANA8bTP939NA?docId=CNG.30a94 5d880fb0c467a82e584423dac3f.281