View Full Version : Screaming Baggage Handler Narrowly Escapes Becoming a Popsicle

02-10-2011, 03:30 AM
A US Airways flight from DC to Hartford was all set to take off Monday when—hey, do you hear a sort of muffled, thumping, screaming sound?

Yes. Yes, definitely. The passengers did in fact hear that sound. It was a baggage handler who'd been locked in the cargo hold under the plane, by one of his colleagues, by accident. Whoops!

Could be a very tense situation at the workplace, after that. The baggage handler got out though, and was fine (physically). The plane got off on time! It could have been worse.

In June 2005, a baggage handler working on the same model plane at the same airport was killed when she maneuvered a mobile belt baggage loader up to the fuselage; the vehicle hit the fuselage and she was beheaded.