View Full Version : Union Boss John Gage Calls Those Who Believe in Cutting Spending "Mentally Retarded"

02-11-2011, 12:27 AM

Earlier this week, the American Federation of Government Employees ... one of our wonderful public-sector unions ... held a protest in Washington. What were they protesting? They want more of your money. That's right. They were protesting because the government has not looted enough money from you, the producers. In the words of one of the protesters in this video, "We need money, now!"

So someone caught up with the head of the American Federation of Government Employees at this protest, and his name in John Gage. Amidst the "We need more money, now!" rants, John Gage managed to squeeze out this little nugget of intellectual brilliance ...

"When people say, 'well we just have to pay less in wages,' whether its private sector or public sector, I think they are mentally retarded to say something like that."

Mentally retarded?

It gets worse, folks. When it comes to the TSA, there is no doubt that it will unionize. Whether it will obtain collective bargaining rights remains to be seen. But the 40,000+ employees will unionize, and right now there are two unions lobbying to represent them. Guess which union is one of them? You guessed it .... the American Federation of Government Employees!

Can't you just wait until your TSA is striking on the streets of Washington, with members screaming "We need more money, now!" and their leader talking about how "mentally retarded" it is to pay workers what they are worth?

Are the American people starting to figure out that public-sector unions are dangerous to the financial future of this country? Hope so. Bringing these unions and their moonbat leaders under control is going to be an essential step in saving this country.