View Full Version : " FORT WORTH Jury Dutychecks Bounce ."

02-11-2011, 03:00 PM
To some, jury duty is an inconvenience. To others, itís an honor and a civic duty.

But no matter how itís viewed, Tarrant County jurors have been getting an unwelcomed surprise long after they leave the courtroom: Bounced checks.Jurors are paid $6 for their first day and $40 for every day after that. The paycheck doesnít exceed more than $200. Dozens of these have bounced, and there could be more.

Lynne Clem of Grapevine is a yoga instructor and mortgage loan officer. Sheís breathing much easier now after receiving another check Thursday for serving on jury duty in Tarrant County three weeks ago.Tarrant County said its bank, JP Morgan Chase, closed the account when two fraudulent checks were presented.